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    1. Nathanael says:

      no longer accepting calls from this number

    2. Trinidad says:

      I was sent many harassing texts from this number. I know the person's name, it is Brian J Earl, and he has sent numerous suicide and death threats.

    3. Lesley says:

      this company claims I wrote a check in 2009 for a large amount and if I did not pay them back IMMEDIATELY with a check, there would be legal action taken They spoke about being served and then because I did not do what their reply to my asking for more info so I could resolve it was a response of "they are not paid to remind me of things". Then they rudely hung up and said the state would take care of me.

    4. Antwan says:

      Received a call last night at 9:20 p.m. informing me that my debit card has been deactivated and i need to enter my account info to reactivate it. Googling the number, it appears to be a fax number in Kentucky. It sounded like an autodialer.

    5. Granville says:

      Spam call to put your business on the top of search engines.

    6. Edmund says:

      harassing from craigslist

    7. Leigh says:

      I was called by this number in reference to college's.

    8. Errol says:

      Received a call from this number and when I answered there was a short pause and then they hung up.  This number had called my phone a couple of times before and I did not answer and they never left messages.

    9. Rickey says:

      Spam texts with suspicious links

    10. Elvis says:

      I received a call from this woman asking for Mrs Serrano and saying they would lower my electric bill....I don't have an electric bill in my name and happened to watch the news this morning warning of a scam call promising to lower your electric bill....when I started questioning the woman she did not know what to say .

    11. Buck says:

      Telemarketer for car insurance

    12. Augustus says:

      I couldn't understand what he was talking about. anyway, 100% spam.

    13. Eric says:

      They stay lisenig and then they drop the call

    14. Alfredo says:

      call my phone - heard a person say it's connected and they hung up

    15. Noe says:

      Shows on Caller ID as "LACTAGEN"