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    1. Dexter says:

      Called today - no message was left

    2. Alejandro says:

      when i call back it says its not in service but theu can call me.

    3. Maxwell says:

      Scammer Scammer Scammer. What is really bad is that they are targeting older people. So I suggest that if you do get a phone call from this place; then just keep the number in you phone contacts marked as SPAM then you can keep track of this activity on your phone. If you wanted to you could pay a small fee to a company ($9.95 I think?) to get the real company name. Here is the link to the National Do Not Call List to check for your number to be not listed: https://www.donotcall.gov/ Have a great day. You can find me on Twitter.com/IneverDidNot

    4. Bradford says:

      this # has been calling me relentlessly. I answered once and whoever it was just hung up on me. they still call me several tines a day.

    5. Solomon says:

      They tell you have warrant for your arrest. They will provide your name & social security number.

    6. Denver says:

      Robo call from Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio.  I blocked this call because he is a liberal moron who wants to tax and spend Ohio and the USA into financial bankruptcy.

    7. William says:

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    8. Isaias says:

      Said was police but was not

    9. Taylor says:

      how to stop this kind of call

    10. Nathanial says:

      Hygienist employment agency robo call

    11. Wilber says:

      Offer to lower my credit card balance and interest rates

    12. Dwain says:

      yes i have been getting many calls today, i havent answer them i dont know who they r and i wish they would stop... they dont leave a message they just hang up.. i am on the do not call list..

    13. Fredrick says:

      No GOOD Fredrick RC COLLINS

    14. Jayson says:

      I figure if the matter was that important they will leave a message

    15. Edmundo says:

      keep on bothering me with stupid phone calls.