As part of our main responsibilities to protect our members and visitors, we take good care of the details they provide/share us when they access our website. Because of this, we implement a legitimate Privacy Policy that secures all the data we gathered and utilized from these people. Our trusted website has this policy because it informs all people who visit us about the exact details we need to collect. For many people who decide to access our database, they ought to evaluate all the content we share and determine how they can benefit from our available service.

What Data or Details We Need to Acquire  

When we collect/acquire the necessary information from our members and visitors, we need them to verify if they are legitimate to use our website. Definitely, we always safeguard all the personal details they submit to us. If ever there is no permission to gather the data and/or information from them, we do not necessarily collect them. We always respect the guideline when we are using the different information or details we acquired and we have the right permission to do so.

Evaluation and Gathering of Cookies

One more very important responsibility we consider is to evaluate and collect the necessary cookies (Internet beacons) from the different people who visit as well as use our expertise, which include those from the European Union. Regarding the usual information we verify after obtaining the cookies, these include the active browser, OS and the IP address of the person who is active in our website during the verification process. By following this kind of method or procedure, we can figure out the number of people who are viewing us actively. From the information we check and collect, we need to increase our performance and expertise.

Sharing or Distributing Information

We can share or distribute data/information when it is under a legitimate condition. In most cases, we only do this process from our partnered service providers or authorized companies by the government. Although we share the necessary data, our decision always follows the law and the guidelines it implement for this matter.

If ever there is a necessity to change or improve this policy or guideline, we can make decisions on our own. When we change or improve anything, this is for the betterment.